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Eloping In Saugatuck On Schooner Serenity

I’m calling it now. 2020 is the year of the elopement! Even before weddings started getting downsized and cancelled because of COVID-19, eloping has increasingly become an attractive option for millennials and gen z’ers over

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Local Spotlight: The Floathaus

We’ve been spending a good amount of time at the boat yard this spring getting ready for the upcoming season. Cleaning, scrubbing, and touching up the paint here and there. We love the work and

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Hiking Mount Baldhead

Mount Baldhead, or “Mr. Eyeball” as I like to call it, is one of those not-so-hidden gems that we love to recommend to visitors looking for suggestions of what to do. Sure, it’s a popular

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The Best Local Saugatuck Breweries

It’s an undisputed fact that Michigan is home to some of the best breweries in the world. Founder’s in Grand Rapids, Bell’s in Kalamazoo and Short’s up north in Bellaire were some of the first

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A Little Family History

Sailing Is the Family Business — How Family Fun Begat A Charter Business By Jane Ammeson March 2020 Issue of Lakeland Boating Magazine “None of this would have happened if I had known how to

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Hello there 👋🏻 Since we’re new here, we thought it would be nice to take a moment to introduce ourselves. We’re the Morris family and we’ve run sailing charters with our small but mighty 6

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About Sailing Saugatuck and Schooner Serenity

We offer the #1 sailing tour in Saugatuck and Douglas, Michigan.

Join us for a sail on the Saugatuck’s only authentic Tall Ship, the Schooner Serenity!

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